The High Desert Mavericks are located in Adelanto which is just west of Victorville. The Mavericks are affiliated with Milwaukee Brewers. This is a very nice small stadium built in 1991and seating 3,808. This was another typical A game: lots of runs, back-and-forth score, big innings, home runs (including inside-the-park) and erratic pitching. The gamed ended with the Mavericks losing to the Lake Elsinore Storm. Phil Nevin, of the San Diego Padres, played a rehab assignment with the Storm. He is the right handed batter and the player coming into home after he hit a grand slam home run. The Maverick mascot is named Wooly Bully and of course they played the song. They call their cafe area the Hard Ball Cafe. When a Maverick player hits a home run they pass the hat. This way the batter earns a little extra money. Temperature at game time was 105 degrees, cooling to 95 degrees at game end. Field lines are RF 340', LF 340', CF 401', RC 415'. I am going to start abbreviating these words. Attendance was 1,104 hardy souls. The box score was Lake Elsinor R 15, H 14, E 0 and Mavericks R 12, H 13, E 1. During the day we visited the Roy Rogers Museum in Victorville. Four pictures are below. Museum no longer exists. 2007 affiliated with Seattle Mariners. New Logo. Ceased operations at end of 2016 season. 2021--Affiliated with Independent Pecos League.