The Frederick Keys, a Single A affiliate of Baltimore, play in Harry Grove Stadium. The Stadium, built in 1990 and seating 5,400, is named for James Henry "Harry" Grove, a supporter of baseball in Frederick. He was a promoter and official in Frederick's first team in 1915-1930. The stadium was named for him because of support his son gave to finance the current stadium. This is nice tan block type brick stadium with a brown metal roof. Seats are Oriole orange on the lower level and upper level is all backed bleachers. The Keys were playing the Salem Avalanche and were trounced 15-1. The Box Score was Avalanche R-15, H-12, E-0 and Keys R-1, H-6, E-0. The field lines areRF & LF-325' and CF-400'. At the 7th inning stretch a special Keys song "We are the Frederick Keys", instead of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", is sung and everyone shakes their key chain. The East Frederick Little League team, ages 9-11, sponsored by Mike Donoghue REI went on the field with the Keys players at the beginning of the game. The mascot is a coyote named Keyote. The Middletown Valley Dairy Club brought some of their cows to parade the field before the game. A free program is provided, but it needs a current statistics sheet inserted for the game being played. There is a good variety of food, but the stand that sells regular hamburgers and specialty sausages was closed for this game. 2021--A team of the MLB Draft League.
20+ miles south is Harpers Ferry in W VA. This town was a arms factory and government arsenal. It was the locations of the first successful application of interchangeable manufacture; the arrival of the first successful American railroad; John Brown's attack on slavery; and the largest surrender of Federal troops during the Civil War. Fee.

20 miles southwest is Antietam National Battlefield in MD was the location of the bloodiest day of the Civil War, 12,410 Union and 10,700 Confederate soldiers were killed or wounded. Battle was a tactical draw, but Lee's withdrawal resulted in a strategic Union victory. Fee.