Well, our first true rainout in that we cannot return to see the Lynchburg Hillcats. The Hillcats were scheduled to play a double header against the Salem Avalanche tonight. We drove here in the rain from Hickory with just a short break in the rain south of Lynchburg. We drove over to the stadium about 5pm to see what was going to happen. At that time they were still withholding a decision on the start of the game. We asked permission to go into the stadium and take some pictures. They are in process of building a new stadium around the old seating area and green structural steel. From what we could see it looks like it will be a nice stadium. In the old stadium the announcing booth was on top of the roof and it appears that it will be there in the new stadium, also. It looks like there will be several suites up there, also. Right now the announcing area is right behind homeplate in the temporary building. We went out to dinner and called the team office and found out that the games were cancelled. The Hillcats, a Single A affiliate of Pittsburgh, were the 2002 Carolina League Champions. They were suppose to play the Salem Avalanche. The Avalanche pitching coach told us this was the Avalanche's eighth rain-out. Southpaw, the cat, is the team mascot.
Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest - The house, one of only two that Jefferson designed for himself, was his retreat villa used when he visited his working plantations in Bedford County. Considered to be one of Jefferson's most original designs, the brick octagonal house, set within a villa landscape, reflects the Palladian style of architecture. The house is undergoing restoration. Fee.

Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, east of Lynchburg. On April 9, 1865, Gen. Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was cut off at Appomattox Court House by Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. The two commanders met in the parlor of a house owned by Wilmer McLean, and the Army of Northern Virginia was surrendered to Grant. Fee.