The Potomac Cannons, a Single A affiliate of Cincinnati, play at G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium west of Woodbridge, VA. Mr. Pfitzner was a member of the County Board of Supervisors of the county where the stadium is located and was instrumental in bringing baseball to the county. The stadium opened in 1983 and has had minor additions, with seating of 6,000.. This is a very poor Single A stadium. Currently they are planning on building a new stadium, but it will probably not be ready until the 2005 season. Money is available, but a location has not been finalized. They are trying to find a location closer to I-95 or I-66. Ticket prices are out of line in the high range for a Single A ballpark. Except for the Field Box and Box seats, all seating is bleacher type seating. The main part of the seating is built on a steel frame and flooring. About ten minutes before the game was to start a thunderstorm came through the area and dumped the usual amount of rain. Luckily we were on the edge of the storm so it was over in about twenty minutes. There is no cover above the seating, so everyone headed for the concession area right under the seating area. Jim found a small doorway area leading into the home team dressing area, so he ducked in there and waited for Andrea to come by. While we were standing there the owner and 1st base coach Arthur Silber came out and talked with several of us standing in the doorway. He gave us some insight on the current team, hopes that it will get better in the second half of the season and the reason it is doing not so well now is that the team did not get some of the players that were expected. He also told us about the new stadium. He told us that Mike Cameron had played for the Cannons when they were affiliated with the Chicago White Sox. After a 50 minute delay the game started at 6:55. The grounds crew did a good job getting the field ready. The Cannons were playing the Kinston Indians and were successful winning 4-1. The box score was Indians R-1, H-5, E-2 and Cannons R-4, H-9, E-0. The field lines are RF & LF-315' and CF-400'. Big Shot is the mascot. He does a good job and takes a lot of harrassment from the kids. The Souvenir Store is called the Armory. 2007 affiliate of Washington Nationals. New name and logo in 2005 2013--Affiliated with Washington. Low A playing in East League, North Division. The Fredericksburg Nationals are moving to a new stadium in Fredericksburg, VA.
Manassas National Battlefield Park west of area marks the site of the strategically important railroad junction at Manassas where two great battles of the Civil War--the First and Second Battles of Manassas or Bull Run--were fought. The First Battle was the first major battle between the Union and Confederate armies on July 21, 1861 was won by the Confed-erates. The Second Battle in August 1862 was won by the Confederates.