The Salem Red Sox, a Single A affiliate of Boston, plays in Lewis-Gale Field at Salem Memorial Ballpark. The stadium was dedicated in May 1996 and seats 6,300. The stadium is located in a sports field complex along with a football stadium and several other baseball/softball fields. This is a repeat visit, see 2003 Salem Avalanche. All seating areas have seats that appear to be wider than usual. There is a two-step rise between seats in the reserved areas and a three step rise between seats in the upper general admission area. The only negative items are that there are no cup-holders on the seats and there is no covered seating area for sun or rain protection. The weather was threatening, so I called to be sure there would be a game. I was told that instead of one game there was a double header starting in 40 minutes. The Sox were playing the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. They needed to make up a canceled game in Myrtle Beach, so they were playing two games at Salem. The current standings required the make-up of the game. The two 7-inning games were played with the Sox as the home team for both games. Uniforms were changed for the second game with the Sox wearing their traveling uniform and the Pelicans their home uniform. The box score for the first game with the Sox winning 7-1 was Pelicans R-1, H-5, E-1 and Sox R-7, H-10, E-1. I stayed through the bottom of the 1st of the second game. The final score was 9-2 with the Sox winning. The box score was Pelicans R-2, H-3, E-2 and Sox R-9, H-13, E-0. The field lines are RF & LF-325' and CF-401'. They have a seat dedicated to POWs. Mugsy, a dog, is the mascot and has been since 1997. Yaon Moncada, Sox 2nd base, signed for a $31.5 million dollar bonus with the Red Sox in April 2015. He previously played for a Cuban team. The bobble head is of Mookie Betts reaching over the wall to catch a ball. The last row of pictures is of the second game and shows Moncada on 2nd, then 3rd. I talked with three women season ticket holders sitting in front of me during much of the game. They told me that their seats behind home plate, directly below the concourse cost $475. One of the women bought me a Salem cap, which I appreciate very much. 2013--Affiliated with Boston. Low-A playing in the East League, North Division.
In nearby Bedford
The National D-Day Memorial honors the Allied forces that participated in the invasion of Normandy during World War II. The town of Bedford had the highest per capita loss of life on D-Day than any single community in the United States.. Tickets are available at the Bedford Area Welcome Center, 816 Burks Hill Rd.