The Dunedin Blue Jays, a Single A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, play at Dunedin Stadium at Grant Field. Dunedin is a small town northwest of Tampa. The stadium was built in 1939, renovated in 1989 and 2002. A 1,000 seat addition down the 1st base line was the major addition last year. Seating for the stadium is 5,510 and there were less than 150 fans in attendance. The weather was not the best as thunder showers had been passing through the area in the late afternoon. The temperature at game time was 69 degrees and at the end of the game was 62 degrees. There was a strong, 30 knots, wind blowing from the west for the whole game. This affected greatly any ball hit high into the air. Plays that normally would have been made in left field carried to and over the fence. The Blue Jays were playing the Tampa Yankees. They led most of the game, but were defeated 8-7. The box score was Tampa R-8, H-10, E-3 and Dunedin R-7, H-14, E-0. The field lines are RF-327, CF-400, and LF-335. We saw Joe Wirth on rehab assignment, row 1 #5. He hit the usual homerun, had 3 hits, and 2 or 3 RBIs. B. J. the Bluejay is the mascot. A between innings activity had B. J. being pushed from 1st to 3rd in a race against a little boy. We sat right behind home 3 rows up in the general admission area, row 2 #4. Three specials to get people out to the game are Tuesday 2 for 1 Tickets and food items, the usual Thirsty Thursday-$1 beer and soda, and Early Bird Sunday-$3 for hotdog, soda, and popcorn. Dunedin features Coors beer, while most parks feature Budweiser. 2021--Affiliated with Toronto. Low a playing in Southeast League, West Division.