Today we went to Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL to see the Vero Beach Dodgers play the Daytona Cubs. Branch Rickey brought the Dodgers here for Spring Training in 1948. Before then spring training occurred in the Caribbean area. Bud Holman, who had the lease on the adjacent airport and this land recruited Rickey and the Dodgers. The facility, the spring training site for the LA Dodgers, has a conference center with lodging area, spring training fields, and Holman Stadium. The streets are named after Dodger players who are Hall of Fame members. The lighting consists of oversized baseballs on poles throughout the complex. The game was won by the Dodgers holding on to their lead to win 8-7. The box score was Cubs R-7, H-11, E-1 and Dodgers R-8, H-11, E-0. The field lines are RF & LF-340' and CF-400'. The paid attendance was 516, actual attendance less that 300. Some interesting things about the stadium are: only 18 rows of seating; low outfield fence with no advertising; two rows of aluminum benches for the teams, no dugout; and full, but low berm in the outfields. The gentleman under the umbrella has a gray alarm bell that he dings on everytime the Dodgers do something good. The opposing bullpen is down the right field line behind the fence and the pitchers can sit in the shade on the berm. The Dodger bullpen is down the right field line beside the playing field and the pitchers have to sit in the sun. 2007 affiliate of Tampa Bay Devil Rays with new Logo. 2010 No team at this location. Team moved to Port Charlotte. New logo top right. See Spring Training for Port Charlotte information. 2021--Port Charlotte. No team at this location.