The Battle Creek Yankees, a Single A affiliate of the New York Yankees, play at C. O. Brown Stadium. The stadium is named for Cooper Othneil Brown who in 1935 formed the American Baseball Congress, (in 1955 Amateur became part of the name). He was the president of the AABC until his death in 1966. The stadium opened in 1990. The stadium has seats below the aisle and bleachers with backs above the aisle in the main stadium area. The bleachers are covered in this area. There are additional unbacked bleachers down the 3rd base line. In the left field corner are seats and a party area. There is picnic area down the 1st baseline. This is the first year for the BC Yankees in Battle Creek. The Yankees were playing South Bend Silver Hawks in a double header. The Yankees won the first seven-inning game, a 1-0 shutout pitched by the Midwest pitcher of the week, Ray Clark. The box score was Silver Hawks R-0, H-2, E-1 and BC Yankees R-1, H-4, E-0. The Silver Hawks won the second seven-inning game 5-2. The box score was Silver Hawks R-5, H-6, E-1 and BC Yankees R-2, H-4, E-1. The field lines are RF-333', RC-369', CF-402', LC-372', and LF-322. The mascot is an eagle named Doodle. The weather was threatening, but it only sprinkled lightly for a few minutes. I would estimate attendance at under 500 fans. 2004 team changed name to Southwest Michigan Devil Rays with Tampa Bay Devil Rays affiliation. This lasted until 2006 when team moved to Midland Michigan.
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