The Beloit Sky Carp play in the High A Midwest League. They are affiliated with the Miami Marlins. We had planned on going to the Beloit game on June 29, but the Canada fire smoke was so bad we had to reschedule. You might ask "What is a Sky Carp?" We we learned that a Sky Carp is a name given to a Canada Goose that does not migrate and stays in the area year round. Hmmmm. Beloit was playing South Bend Cubs and won 6-5. The box score was South Bend R-5, H-12, E-2 and Sky Carp R-6, H-12, E-0. the field lines are RF-325', CF-400', LF-345'. Light rain started in the top of the 2nd and continued for a couple of innings. We stood at the back under cover as necessary. Only problem was we then had to dry off our seats a couple of times. Beloit scored 3 in the bottom of the second on a homerun. The Beloit pitcher was hit by a line drive twice, but continued on. There are only two umpires. Personally I think there should be three at this level. They had junior announcers for one/half inning when the Sky Carp was batting. There is a playground in right field. There was a kids race from 1st to 3rd with them wearing costumes--Ranch, Catsup, Mustard, Relish, and a couple I couldn't figure out. Previously the mascot was Snapper the Turtle. One year ago with the team name change Poopsie became the mascot and tonight was his 1st birthday. Down the first base line is a deck, with three levels of table below it named Deck Deck Goose. A person was selected to guess how many were in attendance and he was successful. After the Dock Hounds game I learned to take pictures of the scoreboard with only 2 outs. The organizations don't leave the scoreboard up it they win.