The Fort Wayne Wizards, a Single A affiliate of San Diego, play at Memorial Stadium which was built in 1993. We got up early for a 3+ hour drive to Fort Wayne for a 12 noon game start. When we arrived shortly after 11am we noted that there were no cars in the parking lot. Jim got the tickets and we started eating lunch in the car. Not sure about the time Jim asked one of the employees walking past. At that time we found out that Indiana does not go on daylight time and that we were an hour early for the game. We stayed in the car because it was cool until 11:15 when we went into the stadium. Soon the clouds partially disappeared and the temperature went to about 90 degrees for the complete game. This is a nice little stadium, different in that the concession stands are located inside the stadium set back into the upper seating area. The BBQ area is located under the seats in the corridor that you come in to go up to your seats. There is a party deck down the 1st baseline. The Wizards were playing the Clinton Lumberjacks and won 4-1. The box score was Lumberjacks R-1, H-4, E-0 and Wizards R-4, H-9, E-1. It was almost a shutout with the Lumberjacks scoring in the 9th inning. The field lines are RF & LF-330' and CF-400'. The mascot is Dinger the Wizard Dragon. For each strikeout a K is hung from a clothesline outside the broadcast booth. There is a horse race along the outfield fence using horse forms on long poles. For a between inning activity two children standing inside snow tubes try to bump each other outside of a rope circle or knock the other person down. 2008 New Logo and new stadium Parkview Field seating 8,300.
The Lincoln Museum displays a compre-hensive collection of personal possessions of Abraham Lincoln and his family. Fee. You get a Lincoln penny back as a souvenir.