The Augusta Greenjackets, a Single A affiliate of Boston, play Lake Olmstead Stadium that was built in 1995, with seating for 4,322. The Greenjackets were playing Greensboro Bats. The Bats beat the Greenjackets 6-4. The box score was Bats R-6, H-14, E-1 and Greenjackets R-4, H-5, E-1. Only the lower and behind home seating are seats. The upper section down both lines are backed bleachers. The stadium seats 4,322 and I would estimate in the area of 800-1,000 fans for this game. The field lines are RF & LF-330' and CF-400'. We were very surprised to find that smoking is allowed in the stadium. The only non-smoking section is the last section on the left field side. There is a special area where you can get all meat items grilled. The mascot is Sting. The field was not groomed after the game started. If the number in your program is called for the Cash Couch you go sit on a couch behind home plate until the Greenjackets score a run, then another number is called. If you are sitting on the couch at the end of the game you win $500. Two for Tuesday gives you 2 drinks for 1 and Thirsty Thursday gives 16oz beers for $1. New Logo in 2006. 2007 affilate of San Francisco Giants. New logo in 2018.
Historic Cotton Exchange Welcome Center was built in 1886 as a center for cotton brokerage. It became one of the largest cotton markets in the world. Today the restored building houses an art exhibit and exhibits relating to the growing and marketing of cotton.