The Sun did not shine on the Suns in Hagerstown. This is our second rainout this year. It started raining around one o'clock and continued into the night. The game was called before 5:00pm. You can see the rain still remaining in the dugout the next morning. We had made contact with Will Smith, Director of Tickets/Merchandise, at the Suns office in the afternoon and he called us later about the cancellation of the game. We made arrangements to visit the stadium in the morning before we left Hagerstown. We would like to thank Will for spending time with us, showing the stadium and giving us some items about the Suns. The Hagerstown Suns, a Single A affiliate of San Francisco, play in Municipal Stadium. They were scheduled to play the Lake County Captains. The field lines are RF-330', CF-400', and LF 335'. This is an older stadium with mostly bleacher seats. The large baseball bat is the corner support for the porch roof of the office building. Woolie B. is the mascot. Some of the promotions are: Feed your face Mondays, all-you-can-eat & GA tickets for $10; Senior Night Wednesday, $2 admission for Seniors; Thirsty Thursdays, $1 draft beer; and Fireworks Fridays. 2007 affiliated with Washington Nationals.
Hager House and Museum - The house was built by town-founder Janathan Hage in 1739. This impregnable building, erected over two springs to assure a protected water supply, served as home, fort, and storehouse for its owner. Fee.