The Brooklyn Cyclones, a Short A affiliate of the New York Mets, play in KeySpan Park, seating 7,500, located on the west end of Coney Island Park. You can see the rides from all the seats and the beach from the higher seating in the main stadium. The team is called the Cyclones after the roller coaster ride at Coney Island Park. The seats all have cup holders and there is bleacher back seating at the end of each base line and in right field. The stadium opened in 2001 and is not supposed to hold more than 10,500 according a NYFD sign. The attendance tonight was 8,537. A bright day with sun in the sky at game time. We had to get general admission tickets, so got there early to stake out aisle seats in the right field bleachers. Before the game started a NYPD helicopter landed on the soccer field behind the right field bleachers. It was New York City Mayor Bloomberg, arriving for the game, man in suit in picture through fence. He threw out the first pitch while receiving a mediocre welcome from the crowd. The Cyclones were playing the Staten Island Yankees and were successful for the second night in a row beating them 7-4. The box score was Yankees R-4, H-5, E-4 and Cyclones R-7, H-7, E-3. The field lines are RF-325', CF-412', and LF-315'. There is an excellent video board that allows instant replay including the play where the umpire called safe a Yankees player who was completely blocked from the plate and never did touch home while the Brooklyn catcher maintained control of the baseball. Some "foolish" fans tipped the bleacher usher who "found" them a seat and wiped it off. I saw anywhere from $1 to $5 exchange hands. There is a race between three people dressed up as hot dogs who run from the left field wall to third base. They are Relish, Catsup, and Mustard. The picture is dark, but you can see them, just barely. For those that don't know what a Knish is in the food section it is mashed potato with some flour formed into a 3" x 1/2" square patty and deep fat fried. You then dip it in mustard or catsup. Yummy? Nathan Frankfurters are featured at the ballpark. The main Nathan location that has been making frankfurters since 1916 is just down the street from the ballpark. Sandy the Seagull is the mascot. Getting to the game was easy even though it took an hour from Times Square on the subway. Take the W train to Coney Island/Stillwell Ave. stop and walk about 4 blocks to the ballpark. 2014 ballpark name is MCU Park. 2021--Affiliated with New York Mets. High A playing in the East League, North Division.
Coney Island is right at the ballpark.