The Tri-City Dust Devils, a Single A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies play at Dust Devils Stadium, which was built in 1995, seating 3,700. Tonight they were playing the Boise Hawks. The stadium is located in Pasco and is part of the large TRAC complex, which is part fair grounds and part recreational/athletic fields. The stadium has a lower level of seats and an upper level of aluminum bleachers without backs. The field was in great condition with nice grass for this time of the year. The field lines were RF & LF - 335', CF-400'. The Dust Devils pitcher was pitching his first full game after having been in the bullpen and did a great job beating the Boise Hawks 6-3. The box score was Boise R-3, H-6, E-1 and the Dust Devils R-6, H-5, E-1. The mascot was the Dust Devil, he did a great job relating with the children. Food prices are very reasonable and the Mexican items looked very good. In 1965 the team was know as the Tri-City Atoms. The B&W picture shows a few members of the team with their children. In the front (kneeling) is 29-year-old manager Cal Ripken Sr. Cal Jr. is at the front left, and brother Billy is in dad's arms. Between Cal Jr. and his father is third son, Fred, and daughter Ellen is next to dad on the right. That year, the Atoms, a Baltimore Orioles affiliate, won the Northwest League Championship. 2014 ballpark name is Gesa Stadium. Affiliated with San Diego in 2015. 2021--Affiliated with Los Angeles Angels. High A playing in the West League.
East end of Yakima Valley - several wineries in the area.

Columbia Generating Station Visitors Center - describes the workings of a commercial nuclear power plant. Free.

Columbia River Park - on south side of Columbia has golf, boating, swimming, picnicing, and camping activities.

McNary National Wildlife Refuge - covers more than 15,000 acres of wetlands, river island, woodland, upland and farmland. It is an important resting and feeding place for thousands of migrating waterfowls.