The Altoona Curve, a Double A affiliate of Pittsburgh, play in Blair County Ballpark which is dedicated to the taxpayers of Pennsylvania. The ballpark which opened in 1999, seating 7,210, is a beautiful facility. It has a tall brick front with huge green-framed open windows and a green metal roof. The left outfield side has an open low metal fence and the field is sunken so you can walk along that sidewalk and see the game. There is a roller coaster in the adjacent amusement park right against the right field fence. The roller coaster cars have GO CURVE spelled on their sides. Altoona Curve is spelled out in barberry on the left field grassy bank. The home bullpen looks like a wooden porch with white patio chairs. The 1st level concourse is very open, with the 2nd level not coming clear over the back of the 1st level. There are no barriers between the seat backs and the concourse. All seating is wide green seats with cupholders except for the bleachers in the left field and the last section on the 1st base side. There is lots of room between the rows of seats on the 1st level. They are continuing to make improvements to the ballpark. This year they added Charley's Grill, picnic area, and the bleachers in left field. The Altoona Curve is a double allusion to a curveball and the nearby Horseshoe Curve, a railroad engineering marvel where the 2 sides of the arc are nearly parallel and helped them get through the Alleghenies in 1854. The Curve was playing the Trenton Thunder and gained a shut-out with a 5-0 score. The game was a pitchers' duel, but the Curve managed to score a couple in the middle innings and then 3 more in the 8th. The Curve starter, Tom Fordham, pitched 6 2/3 of shut-out ball with 6 strikeouts. It was still pretty dicey, though, as the Thunder loaded up the bases in the 8th & 9th innings when the Curve bullpen had trouble getting outs. They finally did the job. The box Score was Thunder R-0, H-4, E-3 and Curve R-5, H-8, E-0. The field lines are RF & LF-325' and CF-405'. Before the game we met Rick Janac, Asst. GM who introduced us to Todd Parnell, GM and Rob Egan, Director of Broadcasting and the Game Radio Announcer. Rick asked us if we would be willing to be on the radio pre-game show and we agreed. We joined Rob out on the left field deck for the broadcast. We got to sit in real cushy leather chairs while Rob asked Jim about the trip. The interview was also broadcast on the ballpark video screen for the fans already at the ballpark. The 4Ds from the Altoona Area Baseball Association was the Little League team that went on the field with the Curve players before the game. The 7-9 year-old boys are sponsored by DeGrosso's Amusement Park. Before the game there was an extended Father's Day celebration which allowed fathers and their children to play catch in right field. The souvenir stand is named the Stockyard. The mascot is Steamer, who is a model of the K4 steam engine that was manufactured at Altoona's local railyards in the 1800s. Diesel Dawg is the new mascot, a tribute to the diesel engines. Today was Mr. Parnell's birthday. As he was leading the Happy Birthday song for the two boys who were also celebrating their birthdays the organization staff sprayed him with Silly String. They are capable of showing instant replays on the video board. During the game we talked with a season ticket holder sitting in front of us about the team and the local area. There were 4,488 fans in attendance. After the game Rick gave us two game baseballs to add to our collection of one baseball from each league. We would like to thank the staff for the courtesies given us. New Logo 2012. 2021--Affiliated with Pittsburgh. AA playing in the Northeast League, Southwest Division.
Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum traces the development of the Pennsylvania Railroad and its effect on history. Fee.

Fort Roberdeau is a reconstructed log fort on the original site of a Revolutionary War fort established to mine lead for the army.

Horseshoe Curve National Historic Site features the Horseshoe Curve, which opened in 1854. Fee