The Reading Phillies, a Double A affiliate of Philadelphia, play at First Energy Stadium. This stadium opened in 1950 and has been upgraded several times. It seats 9,000. The main concourse is inside under the main seating area. There have been added several picnic areas, a left field viewing area, and a right field swimming area. The main seating area has seats and the bleachers have backs. There is a railroad theme in many things that happen during the game. On the inside concourse are pictures of the teams between 1967 and 2003. There are wooden plaques with the Reading Hall of Fame names from 1987 to 2003. There are concessions on the inside concourse, a food area behind the 1st base bleachers, and a food area in the left field corner. The latter areas have picnic tables available. The Phillies were playing the Binghamton Mets and were successful winning 4-2. The box score was Binghamtom R-2, H-8, E-0 and Phillies R-4, H-9, E-0. The field lines are RF & LF-330' and CF-400'. Today was Father's Day and the first 2000 adult men received a bucket hat. They allowed children to throw a ceremonial pitch to their fathers, see picture. Before the game there is a small train that takes the children around the field on the warning track. They use the same engine and caboose to shoot t-shirts with the largest gun we have seen to the fans during an inning break. There is a car race with car cut-outs on long poles outside the outfield fence. There are 5 mascots: Screwball-a baseball player, Blooper-a dog, Change-up-a turtle, Bucky-a beaver, and Quack-a duck who disappeared before I could take a picture. The Grounds Crew wears Fancy Pants during their grooming of the field. They stop and do a dance. Attendance today was paid of 9,220 with a park attendance of 8,588 which was the largest Sunday attendance ever. Last year Reading copyrighted the term "Baseball Town" and they use it throughout the stadium. They have promotions at every game. Before and after some of the games there is a band dressed like the mascots who play outside the stadium. New Logo 2008. New Logo 2013. 2021--Affiliated with Philadelphia, AA playing in the Northeast League, Northeast Division.