The Birmingham Barons, a Double A Southern League affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, play at Regions Field, which was built in 2013 and seats 8,500. The Barons were playing the Jacksonville suns and lost 3-2. The box school was Jacksonville R-3, H-7, E-1 and Barons R-2, H-7, E-0. The field lines are RF-325', CF-400', LF-320'. The field and seating are below street level. There is bench back seating in right field. There is berm seating in RC and down the 1st baseline. There is one large suite at the end of 3rd base and two levels of suites on 1st baseline and one level below the broadcast area for a total of 33+ suites. They put where the player is from on the scoreboard. Mascots are Babe Ruff-male and Lillie Mays-female. It was disco night, so between inning activities were disco activities. There was the Krystal fast food restaurant race between a Hot Dog, Taco, Burger, and Chef. There was a kid's dizzy bat race. There is only one drinking fountain in the fight field corner of the concourse. The Children's Hospital is a block away. During the 7th inning stretch, people in the stadium turn on their smartphone flashlight and wave them toward the hospital. On the street parking was free. It is 1/3 mile around the concourse, people are encouraged to come in and use it for a walking area on non-game days until dark. Attendance was 6,754. 2021--Affiliated with Chicago White Sox. AA playing in the South League, North Division.
Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens - a fine example of Greek Revival architecture dating from the 1840s, was built by one the 10 Founders of Birmingham. Fee.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute contains exhibits describing the Birmingham civil rights movement and human rights struggles. Fee.

Rickwood Stadium - built in 1910, is the oldest baseball field still being used in America.

Negro Southern League Museum showcases African-American baseball in America. Free.