The Chattanooga Lookouts, a Double A affiliate of Cincinnati, play at Bellsouth Park. The stadium built in 2000 is nice and seats 6,362. It is right downtown and is built on the site of a former vocational high school. It has concrete under the lower level seats and aluminum under the upper seats. This was a double-header because of the extremely wet weather that has been hitting the middle US the last week. As we entered Chattanooga we noticed high water along the side of the road and then in the city many of the off-ramps were closed because of flooding in the city areas. The Tennessee River was way out of it banks. See one picture that I took from the right field bleachers. We saw all of the 7 innings of the first game and only stayed for 3 innings of the second game. Chattanooga has very little offense, no one is hitting over .300. They were playing the Huntsville Stars and lost 5-0 in the first game. When we left the second game there was no score. There might have been if the runner on third hadn't tried to score at the one time and a runner on second hadn't gotten picked off because he led off too far. The box score for the first game was Stars R-5, H-5, E-0 and Lookouts R-0, H-4, E-1. The field lines are RF-325', CF-400', and LF-338'. The measurement in CF is not the usual flat center field wall, but to a corner in center field. If you have a group you can rent the whole right field area which includes a pavilion where food can be served and the right field bleachers. Looie is the mascot. If the Lookouts score a home run a train engine puffs across a short track in center field, the "Chattanooga Choo-Choo", see Attractions. You can get a haircut in a stand on the 3rd baseline during the game. Woman's haircut-$12, man's haircut-$10, and child's haircut-$7. Cheapest program so far at $.25, in newspaper format. 2009 affiliated with Los Angeles Dodgers. 2014 AT&T Field. 2013--Affiliated with Cincinnati. AA playing in the South League, North Division.
There are several Civil War Battlefields in the area. Chickamauga to the south is very well documented with the whole battle laid out with cannon and monuments marking positions of both sides. Free.
Another is Lookout Mountain, which rises above Chattanooga. Fee.

Chattanooga Choo-Choo a major transportation link between the north and the began in March 1880. A replica of the original engine is shown. Fee.

Other places: Chattanooga Regional History Museum, Rock City Gardens, Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain Caverns, Tennessee Valley Railroad.