The Mississippi Braves, a Double AA Southern League affiliate of Atlanta, play at Trustmark Park, which was built in 2005 and seats 5,500 chair-back seats and 2,000 general admission customers. The stadium is in Pearl, Mississippi, adjacent to Jackson, MS. The Braves were playing the Mobile Bay Bears, who won 2-1. The box score was Bay Bears R-2, H-10, E-0 and Braves R-2, H-3, E-1. The field lines are RF-332', CF-402', LF-335'. There is a beam in left center. The starter who had 8Ks was pulled at 6 1/3 inning with 2 on base. The temperature was 84 degrees at game start and very pleasant. There is seating below field level behind home plate. There are 22 suites. You can walk around the park. There were minimal between inning activities. The mascot is Trusty. There was a kid's mustard and catsup race. Parking was free and the program cost $5.There was an after-game tennis ball toss. There were 2,814 in attendance. There was a C-17 flying approaches to the local airport. 2021--Affiliated with Atlanta. AA playing in South League, South Division.
The following are located in Jackson, MS, the state capitol, very near to Pearl, MS.

Old Capitol Museum focuses on regional history, state constitutions and the building's functions and architectural history. Donations.

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum features artifacts and interactive displays honoring prominent Mississippi sports personalities, including baseball pitcher Jerome Hanna “Dizzy” Dean. Fee.

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum/National Agricultural Aviation Museum has four exhibit areas that trace technological and economic events that changed American life. Fee