The Orlando Rays, a Double AA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, played at Cracker Jack Stadium at World of Sports which is located at Disney World. The Rays were playing the Huntsville Stars. The stadium is also the spring training facility for the Atlanta Braves. The stadium was built in 1996 and can hold 9,500 fans. Today's attendance was 2,445. I would guess that most people were going to Disney World and decided to come to a game as well. There were a lot of children attending, but they were shooting baskets or sliding on the water slide in left field, picture below. The Rays had poor starting pitching and everything they hit was right to a Star. The Rays starter gave up 8 runs in 3 1/3 innings. The final score was Stars 9-Rays 0. The box score was Stars R-9, H-13, E-0 and Rays R-0, H-5, E-1. The field lines are RF-330', Rc & LC-385', CF-400', LF-335'. The stadium is very nice with good site lines except in a couple of places near the back that have posts for the roof. The stadium announcer was working from the concourse behind the 100 level seats on the 1st base side. There was no program available, only a roster sheet. When we left we found a free small newspaper that had the usual program information. Spike is the mascot. The Orlando Rays moved to Montgomery, AL and became the Montgomery Biscuits in 2004.
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