The Arkansas Travelers, a AA affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels, play at Dickey-Stephens Park, which was built in 2007, seating 7,000. Another nice AA stadium that is built to look like an old train station. The stadium is named after two sets of Little Rock brothers. The Dickey brothers played baseball and the Stephens brothers were Little Rock businessmen. The Travelers were playing the Tulsa Drillers and were clobbered 12 to 3. This was a completely different team from last night at the NW Naturals. The box score was Drillers R-12, H-14, E-2 and Travelers R-3, H-11, E-1. The field lines are RF-330', CF-400', LF-332'. There is a berm in RC and LF. The mascot is Shelly, a horse. 5,978 fans were in attendance. Great ticket prices with prices for children. Excellent food prices. Our initial seats were right behind the 1st base dugout in the hot sun. We moved over above the aisle closer to home plate. For the first time in 245 ballparks and many more games Jim got a foul ball. A foul was hit and landed on the roof. It rolled off and landed first a couple of rows behind us and then bounced down by Jim's feet. He looked around to find a young person to give it too. The young boy holding the ball in the picture was standing in the aisle two rows back. Jim told him to come down and get the ball, gave it to him and turned back to watch the game. The next thing that happened was the boy gave Jim a big hug and a "Thank you, Sir." Well, that was well worth giving the ball away. 2014 New Logo. 2021--Affiliated with Mariners. AA playing in the Central League, North Division.
Central High School National Historic Site -In 1957 while Little Rock was in the process of desegregating its public schools, Central High was the scene for events considered pivotal in national Civil Rights history. Across the street is a museum and visitor center featuring an interactive exhibit and two audiovisual presentations related to the integration crisis. Free

Historic Arkansas Museum - The site consists of five restored early-19th-century buildings. Among the offerings in the museum are galleries devoted to a collection of items made by artists and artisans of Arkansas. Free

William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum-exhibition space, a collection of gifts the Clintons received in the White House and full-scale reproductions of the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room. Fee.