The Tulsa Drillers, a Double A affiliate of Colorado, play at Drillers Stadium which was built in 1981. The stadium has blue slatted metal seats on the lower level and behind home plate on the upper part. The rest of the stadium is blue backed bleachers. Several sections down each baseline are closed off unless a large crowd is expected. Smoking is allowed at the back of the lower section under the overhang of the upper section except in the area behind home plate. The picnic areas are behind the stands. The bullpens are located at the ends of the stands and cannot be seen from the stands. The Drillers were playing the Arkansas Travelers and won 3-2. The box score was Travelers R-2, H-6, E-0 and Drillers R-3, H-7, E-0. The field lines are RF-340', RC-365', CF-390', LC-349', and LF-335'. Beer was sold during the whole game. The strike out player on the Travelers finally struck out in the eighth inning, so $1 beer was available for only a short time. Hornsby is the mascot. The Coweta Rattlers, 12 & under, sponsored by H & M Construction went on the field with the Drillers before the start of the game. The restroom areas are designated storm shelters. I'm not sure how they could cram all the fans in them. Parking is available on the paved infield of the horse race track of the fair ground next to the stadium. They put down a walkway, so you don't have to get your shoes dirty on the sandy track. New Logo. New Stadium 2010. New Logo 2012.
Gilcrease Museum is known for its com-prehensive collection of art of the American West, including works by Albert Bierstadt. Thomas Moran, Frederic Remington and Charles Russell. Allow 3 hours minimum! Closes at 4pm. Donations.