The Charlotte Knights, a Triple A affiliate of Chicago White Sox, play at BB&T Ballpark. The stadium was dedicated in 2014 when the ballpark was moved to a downtown Charlotte locations. The stadium seats 10,200. The Knights were playing the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs with the Knights losing 6-4. The box score was Iron Pigs R-6, H-16, E-0 and Knights R-4, H-8, E-2. The field lines are RF-315', CF-400' and LF-330'. You can't get a picture from behind home plate. Some player and pitcher information is posted on th outfield fences. There is Berm seating well behind LC seating. There is protective fence from 1st base to 3rd base. In the top of the 1st the 2nd baseman and shortstop collided, 2 runs scored and the batter advanced to 2nd. The mascot is Homer who was wearing a Boy Scout shirt as it was Boy Scout night with the Boy Scouts sleeping in the outfield after the game. Homer had his usual Mascot Race, not winning again. The dragon in CF reacts when the Knights score a homerun. This didn't happen, so I don't know exactly what happens. There are two pictures of the skyline beyond the outfield. The 2016 AAA All-Star game will be played here. I visited with a local elementary teacher, who follows the Iron Pigs. She was watching the Iron Pigs pitchers warming up directly below us. 2021--affiliated with Chicago White Sox, AAA team playing in East League, Southeast Division.