The Louisville Bats, a Triple A affiliate of Cincinnati, play at Louisville Slugger Field which opened in 2000, seating 13,131. It is named for the company that produces the Louisville Slugger baseball bat. This is a really nice Triple A field. The stadium was built in what was the old railroad station. The station was taken down, the bricks refurbished and then rebuilt as the front of the stadium. The seating area fits into the back side of the old station. There is a statue of Pee Wee Reese outside the front of the stadium. The entries into the seating/concourse areas are through the old station. The stadium has two levels of seating with the upper level built slightly over the lower level and concession concourse. The upper level has individual seating and the suites with their seating. There is lawn seating in left field, bleachers without backs in right field, and picnic tables below the bleachers that can be used for private parties. There is regular seating in left field. You can walk completely around the outfield. The Bats were playing the Durham Bulls and won 5-4. The box score was Bulls R-4, H-8, E-1 and Bats R-5, H-8, E-0. The field lines are RF-340', RC-375', CF-405', LC-375', and LF-325'. The stadium seats 13,000+. There is a merry-go-round in the Kids area. Buddy the Bat is the mascot. A miniature UPS truck delivers the game ball to Buddy before the start of the game. Players from five different local Little League teams joined the Bats players on the field for the national anthem. Good selection of food at the concessions. We sat in cushioned seats on the second level. We would like to thank Earl Stubblefield for making these unused season tickets available to us and bringing us Bats promotional baseball hats. The first level within the infield and all of the second level except the last two or three sections on the ends are sold out to season ticket holders. Affiliated with Cincinnatti, AAA playing in the East League, Mid-West League.
Kentucky Derby Museum showcases the thoroughbred industry and the Kentucky Derby. Fee.

Louisville Slugger Museum is located at the famous bat's manufac-turing plant and head-quarters. Fee.