The Nashville Sounds are a AAA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers in the International League. They play at First Horizon Park which opened in April 2015 seating up to 10,000 fans. The Sounds was playing the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp losing 9 to 5. The box score was Jumbo Shrimp R-9, H-11, E-0 and Sounds R-5, H-7, E-0. The field lines are RF-310', CF-403' and LF-330'. All seating is individual seats with a grass berm in left center field. There are suites and seating on the 200 level and field suites behind Home Plate. The temperature at game time was 86 degrees. Nice selection of food. You order electronically, get your receipt, move down the line and pick-up your order. I didn't try any Yee Haw beer. During this game there was a batter challenge rule in effect. Each team was allowed three challenges. The batter could challenge the home plate umpire's call at which time the usual strike box was shown on the big screen and the pitch shown in relationship to the box. Winning the challenge meant no loss of that particular challenge and it was still available for future use. A successful hit was shown with the batter's hitting percentage beside their name on the big screen. The use of a guitar as the focus of the big screen continues from the previous park we visited in 2003. The Sounds starter left after 3 1/3 innings with a pitch count of 38 Balls and 37 Strikes. The Sounds were playing only one left-handed batter, so it was hard to get my required pictures of a LH batter. Abraham Toro ex-Mariner was playing for the Sounds. The Home Plate umpire threw the Sounds manager over a disagreement on a call. Between innings the left field wall displays the upcoming pitcher game information and the next three batters. Strikeouts are kept track of on a short fence by the Home Plate Suites. The mascot is Booster the Rooster who caught the fan first pitch with a very large glove. I didn't try the beer. Between inning activities are different than what have been seen in the past. There is a race from right field to first base between staff dressed up as Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and George Harrison. The Whataburger two row challenge has two rows passing a tray with empty Whataburger burger container, fries container, drink cup, and other items down and back. The winning row gets a Whataburger coupon. Tonight, it was a tie, so each row received coupons. Jim talked with one of the staff before the race and she gave him a coupon as well. Thank you! The T-shirt toss has only the Sounds logo on it. Almost all tosses seen in the past have a sponsor name on the shirt as well. Outside the field down the 1st base line is a children's play area and a putt-putt golf course which was very crowded before the game. There is a huge block of apartments being built across the street from left field. Parking is $15 in the parking garage adjacent to right field. Most fans enter through the center field entrance because of the parking garage.
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum displays Grand Ole Opry memorabilia and personal items from country music's legends and superstars. Fee.

Grand Ole Opry Shows Fee.

The Hermitage was the home of President Andrew Jackson. the completely restored mansion features many of the original furnishings and fixtures. Fee.

If you get close to Lynchburg, somewhat off the beaten path between Nashville and Chattanooga, stop and visit the Jack Daniels Distillery. Free