The Norfolk Tides, a Triple A affiliate of the New York Mets, play in Harbor Park, seating 11,856. Harbor Park opened in 1993 and has the harbor on the right field side and a train track close to the left field parking lot. It is a nice park with seats throughout. It has the concourse with concessions and restrooms behind the lower level seating and under the upper level seating. The Tides were playing the Pawtucket Red Sox or Paw Sox. It was a good game with several long hit balls that didn't quite make it over the fence. The Tides won the game 6-3. The box score was Sox--R-3, H-9, and E-2 and Tides--R-3, H-10, and E-0. The field lines are RF-338', CF-410', and LF-333'. The stadium holds 12,067 fans and there were 5,291 in attendance tonight. There is a scoreboard and a video board. The video board tells the individual players' personal information--height, weight, home town on one screen and the next screen gives batting percentage, hits for the game and for the season, replays, and fan pictures. There is a restaurant in the right field corner called Hits at the Ballpark. Each game it has menu items that include chicken, pasta, beef, pork, and a special item. Tonight it was roast duck. It comes with a salad bar and costs $13.95 for adults and $7.95 for children. One group at the park tonight was the Western Branch Athletic Club Angels little league team from Chesapeake who went out on the field with the Tides players. These little leaguers are 7 & 8 years old. Before the game the King Twist All-Star Band played for the fans. They are sponsored by King Twist Gourmet Pretzel Co. King Twist is the provider of pretzels, funnel cakes, and fried Twinkies at the ballpark. We would like to thank Rob, from King Twist, who provided us with pretzel samples, a souvenir drink, poster, and a game baseball. We thought the two pretzels, parmesan cheese and cinnamon, were very good. Jim appreciated getting another league baseball. Rip Tide is the mascot. One of the between-inning activities was a relay race with two father/son teams. The father rolled a large tire and the son rolled an automobile sized tire. After the game there was an adults and kids run-around-the-bases. This is only the second time we have seen run-around-the-bases for adults. 2007 affiliated with the Baltimore Orioles. New logo in 2016. 2021--Affiliated with Baltimore, AAA playing in East League, Southeast Division.
General Douglas MacArthur Memorial is housed in the former Norfolk city hall. Nine galleries portray the general's life and military career.

Nauticus, the National Maritime Center is housed in a multilevel, ship-shaped structure. It offers a variety of high-tech interactive exhibits and shows designed to educate visitors about nautical themes such as shipbuilding, navigation, and world commerce.

Close to Williamsburg and Yorktown, which are north of Norfolk on I-64.