Rain-out Number 3. The rain started as we headed north into Pennsylvania and continued through the afternoon and into the evening. We called the team about 4:30pm and the game had already been cancelled. The Red Barons are scheduled to play two double headers during the next two days. We went to the stadium the following morning and took the pictures below. The Red Barons play in Lackawanna County Stadium which opened in 1989. This is a two level stadium that is used for baseball, soccer, and other activities. The field has a new artificial turf surface. The lower level seating has 16 rows. The upper level is steep and gives a good view of the field. The field lines are RF & LF-330', RC & LC-371', and CF-408'. There is some type of give-away at every game. The concession area is located in the concourse under the upper level seating. The smoking area under a stairwell off the concourse is termed the Smokers Dugout.
The Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum is dedicated to collecting, interpreting and preserving the history and culture of Pennsylvania's hard-coal region. Fee.

The Scranton Iron Furnaces are four stone smokestacks of blast furnaces built in the 1840s and 1850s. Free

Lackawanna Coal Mine tour where visitors are taken via railcar 300 feet underground to the floor of then coal mine, then on a guided walking tour through the mine's three veins. Fee.

Steamtown National Historic Site is the former Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railyard commemorates the history of steam railroads through one of the country's largest collections of period locomotives and rolling stock. Fee.