The Colorado Sky Sox are affiliated with the Colorado Rockies. They were playing the Omaha Royals and were successful winning 3-2. The score was 0-0 through the 8th innning, Omaha scored 2 in the top of the 9th, but the Sky Sox hit the Omaha relief pitcher in the bottom of the 9th for 3 runs to win. The Sky Sox play at the highest altitude ballpark in baseball. There was a strong wind blowing in from right field which kept any balls from being hit out of the park. As we arrived at the game six buses pulled in ahead of us which caused us to be worried about getting tickets for the game. No problem, we were able to get tickets right behind homeplate in the family bleacher seating section. The buses were carrying about 1000 first year Air Force Academy cadets, Class of 2006, who were having their first activity away from the Academy since they reported in June. The "Doolies", first year cadets, were busy during the game buying and eating pizza, standing in line for the pay phones, and trying out cell phones at that display as well as watching the game and cheering their fellow cadets involved in between inning activities. The stadium built in 1988, seating 8,400 is fairly nondescript to us. Mike Bell, brother of David Bell-San Francisco Giants and Rick Bell-Las Vegas 51s, plays for the Sky Sox. Sox the Fox is the mascot. They have a Hall of Fame Bar & Grill with a nice menu. There were 5,022 in attendance. The field measurements are RF-350', CF-410', LF-350', and RC & LC-385'. The box score was Omaha R-2, H-7, E-0 and Skysox R-3, H-10, E-2. New Logo 2009. Play at Security Service Field. 2019 Skysox move to San Antonio and become the Missions. Helena Brewers, Pioneer Rookie League, move to Colorado Springs as the Rocky Mountain Vibes. 2021--MLB Pioneer Partner League.
Garden of the Gods - is a 1,300+ acre park at the base of Pikes Peak, where the Great Plains meet the Rockies, Flora and fauna reflect the rich diversity of this crossroad.

Pike Peak and Pike National Forest - elevations vary from 7,000 feet near Colorado Springs to 14,100 feet at Pikes Peak. It is a 60-mile round trip to the summit from Colorado Springs.

Air Force Academy - prepares cadets for careers in the Air Force. Located on a beautiful setting in the foothills above Colorado Springs.