The Fresno Grizzlies are affiliated with the San Francisco Giants. The stadium in the downtown area just opened in 2002, seats 12.500. The hope is that the stadium will revitalize the area. We arrived in Fresno the day before the game and were glad that we went looking for the stadium after getting our Baskin Robbins ice cream. It took several questions and about 45 minutes to find the new location. The Grizzlies were playing the Sacramento Rivercats. The Grizzlies lost 5-2. The box score was Stockton R-5, H-11, E-0, Grizzlies R-2, H-11, E-1. The stadium is very nice and has many different food concession areas. The mascot is Wild Thing and of course his theme song "Wild Thing" was played. The field lines are RF - 335', CF - 400', LF - 324', RC - 380' and LC - 380'. All areas have seats except for two or three rows of bleachers in left field. There are seats in right field, but nothing in center field. Attendance for the night was 9,263 mainly because during the breaks between innings the Blues Brothers performed and after the game The Village People put on a concert. Temperature was high again with some humidity, so we left before the end of the concert. New Logo 2005. New Logo 2008. Affiliated with Houston in 2015. Affiliated with Washington in 2019 and new logo. Affiliated with Colorado, Low-A playing in the West League.
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are about 1 hour east. Sequoia is the second oldest national park. The landscape is studded with the largest of trees, the giant sequoia trees, many are more than 200 feet high, and some have trunks 30 feet in diameter.