The Iowa Cubs, the Triple A affiliate of Chicago, play at Sec Taylor Stadium, which was built in 1992. In 1995 the clubhouse was remodeled and 12 skyboxes were added in left field. In 2000 a skybox was added on the first base side and homeplate seats were added behind homeplate, so it seats 11,500. Garner W. (Sec) Taylor was a former Des Moines Register and Tribune sports editor. There are red seats below the aisle and blue seats above, with suites and broadcast area above and behind the blue seats. There are backless bleachers down the first baseline to the rightfield corner and a picnic table party area down the third baseline to the leftfield corner. The glass fronted restaurant is in the left field corner with a giant glove, fingers up over the restaurant. Most concessions are in the tunnel under the seats, but there are a couple of concession stands behind the upper seats. The scoreboard is in right field and the video screen is limited showing advertisements for local businesses, the concession stands, and groups attending, no game stats or video of play action. The Cubs were playing the Colorado Springs Sky Sox in a rather boring game and lost 3-1. The box score was Sky Sox R-3, H-6, E-0. Cubs R-1, H-3, E-1. The field lines are RF-335', CF-400', nothing indicated in LF on the fence. Attendance at the game was 10,380 with fireworks after the game. It sprinkled lightly at various times during the game, but nothing of significance. It did cause many to leave the game. We did move back under cover for the 9th inning. The mascot is Cubbie. One of the between inning activities is the BeBops Hamburger Race. Three youngsters run from 1st to 3rd wearing an outfit that looks like a hamburger. One of the street intersections outside the stadium is 2nd and Line Drive. You can see the Iowa State Capitol Building in the distance off right center field. 2021--Affiliated with Chicago Cub. AAA playing int the East League, Mid-West Division.
Farmer's Market, Crafts Fair, and Food Fair in summer time at 4th and Court Streets area. Huge and fun to browse and eat.

Living History Farms in nearby Urbandale. this 600-acre open-air agricultural museum tells the story of farming in the Midwest and helps to preserve pioneer farming skills. Featured are a 1700 Ioway Indian village, an 1850 working pioneer farm, an 1875 frontier town, and an exhibit center. Fee.

In nearby Van Meter
Bob Feller Hometown Exhibit--Baseball memorabilia, including uniforms, rare photographs and awards, highlight Feller's "Rapid Robert" Hall of Fame career with the Cleveland Indians. Fee.