The Las Vegas Aviator, a Triple A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics, play at Las Vegas Ballpark in Summerlin, just west of Las Vegas. The ballpark opened in 2019 and seats 10,000. The Aviators were playing the Salt Lake Bees winning 6-4. The box score was Bees R-4, H-11, E-1 Aviators R-6, H-8, E-0. the field lines are RF-340', RCF-380', CF-415', LCF-380', LF-340'. This was Throwback weekend, so the Aviators were wearing Stars Jerseys. They were the Stars before becoming the 51s and then Aviators. There are suites on the 200 level, a berm in right field, including a swimming pool in right center field. There are picnic tables at the end of both baselines. There are two rows of seating in left field. The broadcast booth is above the 200 level suites. The seats are mesh which was very welcome as the temperature was 109 degrees at game start and it dropped to 99 degrees at game end. The field is grass. The scoreboard shows a wide range of information. Pitcher information and Pitch speed is on the lower right. There is a strike zone with the results of electronic scoring. On the lower left are the three batter's names that are due up at the beginning of the next inning. The scoreboard tonight I was told was also a throwback electronic scoreboard. Inning and score information on the front of the 200 level. They have a bat dog named Ruin. The right field Fowl pole was sponsored by Chick-fil-a. Lots of between inning activities: shoe scramble on the berm for children; adults--frozen t-shirt, poker chips race and musical chairs were four. Race between four staff wearing card suit costumes. The paid attendance was 4,617, though I think it was less because of the heat. The dog attendance for the night was 69 and is probably correct. Mascot is Spruce a goose. Beautiful full moon tonight.