The Omaha Royals, a Triple A affiliate of Kansas City, play at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium which was built in 1947. It is a very colorful stadium with blue, yellow, and red seats. Most of the seating is not used for regular games. But during the College Baseball World Series each year in June, the stadium is jammed. There are seats in the main part of the stadium and bleachers with backs in the outfields. There is a restaurant behind the seats on the first baseline which has memoralbilia from the stadium and the College World Series. The pressbox and suites are on pillars behind the red seats. This is our second visit to Omaha and the weather was ideal, not tornado warnings this year. The Royals were playing the Round Rock Express and won 11 to 10. The box score was Express R-10, H-13, E-1 and Royals R-11, H-13, E-3. The field lines are RF & LF-335' and CF-408'. The attendance for the game was very light, no numbers were announced. Casey is the mascot, the first blue lion we have seen, but he does have some yellow highlights in his blue mane. New Logo. 2011 moving to new ballpark southwest outskirts of Omaha with new name Storm Chasers and logo.
Henry Doorly Zoo is the home to such rare and endangered species a white tigers, snow leopards, lowland gorillas, African elephants, white rhinos and sun bears. Exhibits include rain forest habitats from Asia, Africa and South America and one of the world's largest indoor deserts. Gorillas roam freely in a 2-acre outdoor valley, and nocturnal animals are at home in such natural settings as caves and swamps. Fee.