The Reno Aces are a Triple A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. They play at Greater Nevada Field, which opened in 2009, seating 9,100. The Aces were playing the El Paso Chihuahuas winning 9-4. The box score was Chihuahuas R-4, H-10, E-0, LOB-8 and Aces R-9, H-8, E-0, LOB-6. This is the first time we have seen Left on Base (LOB) on the scoreboard. The field lines are RF-340', RCF-424', CF-410', LF-338'. There were 3 umpires with the Homeplate umpire calling balls and strikes electronically. There are suites on the 200 level and a party deck at the end of the 200 level on the third base side. There is picnic seating at field level at the end of the third baseline. Behind Homeplate there is special seating at field level. There is a berm in right field. On the left field wall are scoreboards that have MLB scores, pitcher's information, and pitch speed. The video board shows player positions on left, strike zone in the center, and team at bat statistics on the right. There is a mini-scoreboard on the front of the suite level on both baselines. The pennant flags the team has won are painted on the front of the suite level down the third baseline. The radio and field broadcast area is on the concourse level just right of Homeplate. The mascot is A rchie. Jorge Barosa, Aces player, hit a triple and then a double. The crowed yelled, Hip, Hip Jorge.” Kyle Lewis, ex-Mariner, played for Reno. Tim Lopes, ex-Mariner, played for El Paso. We attended the game with Andrea's brother, his wife, and eight of his military reunion attendees.
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