The Salt Lake Stingers are affiliated with Anaheim and play at Franklin Covey Field. Tonight they were playing the Tucson Sidewinders. Salt Lake started out ahead, but by the 9th the Sidewinders had tied it up 5-5. Finally in the bottom of the 11th the Stingers were able to get the winning run in and win 6-5. The box score was Tucson R-5, H-12, E-0 and Salt Lake R-6, H-16, E-0. The second baseman for Salt Lake, Chone Figgins, made several spectacular plays. The field lines are RF - 315', CF - 420', and LF - 345'. Zing the bee is the mascot. His favorite cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios. Here again there is a small train that takes children for rides beyond the outfield wall all during the game. Fans can sit on the grass in the outfield with a General Admission ticket and many families were. This stadium is built similar to the new Fresno stadium. It's a nice-looking combination of brick, concrete block, and green-painted metal with a great view of the Wasatch Mountains. Note the bee statue outside the main entrance. Andrea is in the second row above the circle A design in the Aros-Net sign adjusting her visor. The couple behind us were Rockies fans from Denver and one of the men in front of us had lived in Portland for a number of years. The attendance was 7,898 for the game. 2005 changed name to Bees with new logo. 2021--Affiliated with Los Angeles Angels. AAA playing in the West League, West Division.
Many locations dealing with the Mormon faith.

Salt Lake has many different water activities.

Three and a half hours east of Salt Lake the Dinosaur National Monument.