Mariners Fan of the Year
On October 4, 2004 Jim was recognized as Mariners Fan of the Year at Fan Appreciation Night. Both Jim and Andrea were recognized for having taken the Baseball Road Trip and being season ticket holders for eleven years. Jim was recognized for bringing many large groups of fans, 975 in 2002, to Mariners games. It was great being part of a history-making game when Ichiro broke and then set a new record for most hits in a season. We would like to thank Paul Shanahan and John Vandenberg for taking the pictures of the award ceremony before the game and some of the other pictures taken during the game.

Row 1--#1-waiting on the field before the ceremony, #2-picture with Rick Rizzs-Radio/TV announcer for Mariners, #3-Rick at the podium telling about Fan Appreciation Night, #4-Walking out to meet Rick, #5-Rick giving Andrea a hug, young man holding mike for cameraman was a student of Jim when he was a teacher. Row 2--#1-Receiving award/trophy from Mariners pitcher Matt Thorton, #2-picture taken by team photographer, #3 & #4-Photos being taken by team photographer, #5-picture taken by team photographer. Row 3--#1-Showing the trophy, #2-The trophy, #3-Thanks to the Fans, #4-Ichiro tying George Sisler's record of 257 hits, #5-Ichiro breaking the record with 258 hits. Row 4-- #1-Ichiro mobbed by his teammates, #2-Ichiro talking with Sisler's daughter. Row 3--#1-Ichiro taking off his cap to the fans who had been cheering for over 10 minutes, #4-Big screen, #5-Same information in Japanese.