Our visit to Anaheim for two nights on July 19 & 20 was not very happy as the Seattle Mariners lost both games vs the Anaheim Angels or Halos as all the advertising indicates. The banners around the park all say "The Halos are Back". We had good seats on the first base side, just inside of first base. The usher, Ruby, was a real fun person. She knew a lot of the regulars in her area and was friendly to everyone. She was aware of what as going on and made sure that everyone followed the rules. They don't have a mascot, just the Rally Monkey who is a real monkey shown on the big screen when the Angels are behind. Everyone then starts waving their stuffed monkey. The field dimensions were RF-330, CF-400, LF-?, RC-365, and LC-387. The attendance on the 19th was 43,407, a sell-out. We got some good-natured ribbing from some tailgaters we parked by, the parking money-taker, and the ticket taker because of our Mariner garb. Freddy Garcia got shelled and the Ms lost 15-3. The box score was Ms R-3,H-9, E-2 and Angels R-15, H-20, E-2. One of the pictures shows the Hot Dog race on the big screen. You pick the color that will win. The Halos fans are big tailgaters bringing pop-up shelters to have their picnics under. One of the batters shown is Edgar Martinez. There was an outstanding fireworks display after the game which happens after every Friday night game. Saturday the 20th the Angels came back in the 7th & 8th to win 7-6. The box score was Ms R-6, H-10, E-1 and Angels R-7, H-10, E-0. Attendance was 43,109. After the Ms lost again on Sunday we were both in a bad mood. 2005 new name Los Angeles Angels at Anaheim and new logo
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