The Chicago White Sox play at U. S. Cellular Field, prior to 2003 known as New Comiskey Park which was built in 1991 and has undergone renovations during the past three off-seasons, seating 40,615. The stadium is a nice place to watch a game even from the upper level if you are between the bases. On the main level you can walk around the field and it appears that you can see the field from the concession concourse. Due to the two instances of the umpire and base coach being assaulted by fans, who just happened to be from the upper 500 level, if you do not have a 100 level ticket you cannot have access to that level. Therefore, all pictures had to be taken from the 500 level. Editorial comment--This is a really stupid decision. Hopefully it will be changed. The White Sox were playing the Anaheim Angels and were successful 4-2. Frank Thomas, the Big Hurt, hit two two-run homeruns, the second in the bottom of the 9th inning to win the game. Interesting defensive move by the Angels when Thomas came up in the 9th inning. They moved the centerfielder to a position just left of 2nd base and played only two outfielders, see pictures. The box score was Angels R-2, H-6, E-1 and white Sox R-4, H-4, E-0. The field lines are RF-325', RC-375', CF-400', LC-375', and LF-330'. Thomas is shown fouling off a ball. No mascot appeared. With a homerun or at the 7th inning stretch the lights on the scoreboard light up and the circle of lights at the top pin wheel. Excellent video board and scoreboards. There were multiple races on the video board. One shown is frogs jumping over bats and baseballs while hopping a race course. Others are airplanes and pizzas. The Bull Pen Sports Bar is in the fight field corner of the outfield. There are 29 rows in the upper 500 level. Attendance was 32,381. Andrea's brother Gary and his wife Ruth attended this game with us.
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