The Detroit Tigers play in Comerica Park which opened in 2000 seating 40,950. This is one of the newer major league parks and is similar in amenities. It has a concourse below the upper level seating where you can stand and watch the game. Down the 1st baseline is a separate 2nd level seating area that we feel is really 3rd level seating. The artwork in and around the field is really great if you like tigers. Outside you have huge tiger statues and around the edges of the building are tiger heads each holding a baseball in its mouth. The children's merry-go-round has only tigers on it. Inside on the concourse are displays showing each decade of Tiger baseball history. In center field are statues of the Tiger baseball players who are in the Hall of Fame. On top of the scoreboard are more tigers. In the area above the aisle and below the concourse on the first level are individual padded wooden chairs with a small table between each two seats. You have a good view of downtown Detroit and the program tells you what buildings you can see. The Tigers were playing the Kansas City Royals and were defeated 5-1. The box score was Royals R-5, H-8, E-0 and Tigers R-1, H-5, E-0. The field lines are RF-330', RC-365', CF-420', LC-370', and LF-343'. Today was United Auto Workers day at the game and the attendance was pretty good in the less expensive seats. The different union groups were passing out goodies outside the stadium before and after the game. There was not an extensive menu at the concession stands. There was a food court located around the merry-go-round and a picnic area in right field adjacent to the foul pole. There seemed to be a lot of small stands on the concourse selling beer. There are fountains in centerfield that are used when a Tiger's player hits a homerun. There is a small ferris wheel with baseballs for the children to sit in. There were two women dressed as clowns who painted the children's faces so they would look like a tiger. Paws is the mascot. The last row shows old Tiger Stadium and two plaques still on the side.
Henry Ford Estate - Fair Lane. Tours of mansion and powerhouse are given. Fee.

Motown Historical Museum - The Motown sound of the early 1960s originated in this old brick house that now houses the museum. Fee.

Walter P. Chrysler Museum with interactive display and vignettes relating the history of Mr. Chrysler and the Chrysler Corporation. Fee.