The Minnesota Twins play at Target Field which opened in 2010, seating 39,504. This is a nice ballpark built in the manner of most ballparks since 2000. It has a nice concourse on the lower level and your view is not blocked in any manner. I'm not sure if there is a entrance behind home plate as we entered on the third base side where the light rail ended. From the pictures I took I think there might be a major entrance outside of right field. There was a no re-entry rule, so I was unable to check. We went with a group of 14 relatives and I was able to get some great seats in the 5th & 6th rows on the 300 level right behind homeplate. The weather was perfect, low 80s with a light breeze and our seats were in the shade. Several homeruns, lots of hits, and the game going back and forth between Kansas City winning against the Twins. The box score was Royals H-13, R-9, E-2 and Twins H-9, R-8, E-0. The field lines are RF-339, RC-401, CF-411, LC-377, LF-339. Lots of statistic information available for the fan. Almost too much, making it hard to find the basic information. It took us a long time to find the time. But there was the digital clock was located on top of the pole in right center. This pole show stats as well, showing in the picture the National League West standings. The dual bullpen is in left center with the Twins behind the Visitors. The game Military Appreciation with many different units and personnel receiving recognition. The navy personnel are from the submarine Minnesota. Mascot race features some unknown mascots. T. C. Bear is the mascot. In last row is a picture from our seats and the relatives who went with us to the game. 2010 New logo.
Historic Fort Snelling - The restored limestone fort was the northern-most military outpost with which the US enforced possession of the old Northwest in the early 19th century. Costumed interpreters demonstrate 1827 fort life. The history center offers exhibits. Excellent exhibits of early frontier army life in the various buildings of the Fort. Fee.

Science Museum of Minnesota offers hands-on exhibits that allow visitors to touch a tornado, walk under a two-story dinosaur or climb aboard a Mississippi River towboat. Fee.

Mall of America in nearby Bloomington is the nation's largest combined retail and entertainment center.