The New York Yankees play at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. The new stadium opened across the street from the old stadium in 2009. The new stadium cost 2.3 billion, making it the most expensive ballpark built up to that date. The ballpark seats 50,287 fans in five levels. Centerfield has bleachers with no backs. It is easily accessible on the D Line subway. I attended an afternoon, starting at 4pm, game. Lot and lots of rules for fans were posted on the video board and read to the fans before the game. I have never heard so many rules given at a game before. The Yankees were playing the Toronto Blue Jays and lost 3-1. The box score was Blue Jays R-3, H-6, E-0 and Yankees R-1, H-4, E-1. The field lines are RF-314', RC-385', CF-408', LC-399', and LF-318'. The area of the old stadium has been turned into a park. Monument Valley has been changed and is nice. There are not as many monuments as previously. The picture from centerfield was taken from Monument Valley. The bullpens are enclosed, with the Yankees having tinted windows as it is in right field where the sun hits in the afternoon. There is a Hard Rock Cafe inside the stadium on the main level. A-Rod is still cheered, though just coming off of the disabled list was hitting .184 and he went 0-4 during the game making the last out. There is additional foul ball netting from the end of the dugouts 1/2 way down to the foul poles. Beer sales in the stands require ID no matter what the age. I didn't try to take pictures from the main concourse level.
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