This is our normal home during the baseball season on all week-ends that the Mariners are in town. SAFECO was built in 1999 and seats 47,116. It is an outstanding location to watch baseball. Lots of room to walk around and stand around to watch the action on the field. All seating provides needed leg room. The best places to get seats for the best view and value are in Sections 321, 323, and 325. The mascot is the Mariner Moose who visits more areas of the stands that any other mascot we saw. He goes to the upper level at every game. Field lines are RF-327', RC-387', CF-405', LC-390', and LF-331'. Pictures are shown from opening day, April 1st, and May 24th. On May 24, I organized a group of 975 fans from Echo Lake Elementary and Shoreline School District to attend the game, all pictures in row 4. The last four pictures were taken during a surprise visit for Andrea to the KIRO Radio booth to see Dave Neihaus, the Mariners broadcaster for 25 years. This was during a St. Louis game in June. We got to sit on the field level between first and the outfield where I could get a great picture of Ichiro. Row 3--Pictures 2 & 3 are the view from our season ticket seats in Section 325, Picture 5 shows the roof closed. The food at SAFECO is the best in baseball. There is a tremendous selection including on the third level which is not true at many major league stadiums. Good view of the downtown area from the upper level. On the west side of the upper level outside the seating area you have a view of the Olympic Mountains to the west and the waterfront. The sunsets can be spectacular.
Pioneer Square Historic District - North of SAFECO is a 30-block area of restored historic buildings, mostly built after 1889.

International District - Northeast of SAFECO is an area of Asian tores and great restaurants.

Pike Place Market - a diverse marketplace that features fresh produce, seafood, arts and crafts, shops, and restaurants.

Alaska Way - Visit shops and restaurants along the waterfront.

Ferries to the Kitsap Peninsula - take a ferry ride across Puget Sound from Coleman Dock on the waterfront.