Opening Day, March 31, 2008. Brrrrrr ing on the baseball season. Game temperature started at 50 degrees and ended at 42 degrees. The roof was open for about five minutes. At one time we were told it was snowing lightly outside the stadium. The Mariners were playing the Texas Rangers and won 5-2. The box score was Rangers R-2, H-7, E-1 and the Mariners R-5, H-6, E-1. The Ms new starter Eric Bedard pitched 5 innings and left the game with 102 pitches, but had only given up one run. The game was a sell-out with 46,334 in attendance. SAFECO Field, built in 1999 and seating 47,116 is an outstanding location to watch baseball. Lots of room to walk around and stand around to watch the action on the field. All seating provides needed leg room. The best places to get seats for the best view and value are in Sections 321, 323, and 325. The mascot is the Mariner Moose who visits more areas of the stands that any other mascot we have seen. He goes to the upper level at every game. Field lines are RF-327', RC-387', CF-405', LC-390', and LF-331'. Before the start of the game J. J. Putz, the M's closer, received the Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the Year Award, 3rd Baseman Adrian Beltre received a Gold Glove, and Center Fielder Ichiro received a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Award. As a Make A Wish wish a young man with the last name of Comer ran the bases as the first person to circle the bases for this year's season. This happens at each season opener at SAFECO. Two Army personnel brought out the ball for the ceremonial first pitch. The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by Dave Neihaus our radio and TV broadcaster who will be going into the Hall of Fame later this year. This year's slogan if MOJO Rising. The food at SAFECO is the best in baseball. There is a tremendous selection including on the third level which is not true at many major league stadiums.

On May 16th the Mariners opened Inter-League play against San Diego. Two broadcasters from FSN Sports NW are shown before the game. Ichiro is shown at bat in two pictures, one getting a hit. Erik Bedard is shown warming up before the game with the pitching coach Mel Stottlemyer standing behind him. The batting boy statue is located on the walk area in centerfield. If the Mariners hit a home run the fountain surges in front of the statue. The lower right section of the pressbox is a special suite that you can reserve. The skyline picture is taken from our seats on the third level. When J. J. Putz, our game saver, come out the boards show his initials and what happens when the opposing batter faces him. Arranging to take a large group to the game I was able to go on the field before the game with some friends--first Julie and her daughter Jorden, second Mike and his daughter Nicole, who was in my third grade class a long time ago. A big thank you to Cory Carbury of the Mariners for arranging this for us. Throwing out the ceremonial pitches that night were three college softball players, two from Central Washington University and one from Western Oregon College. Sara Tucholsky from WOC in a game against CWU hit her first home run ever. She missed touching first base and when she turned to go back she tore her right knee ligament and had to crawl back to the base. At that point she could go no further and was going to be credited with only a single. Mallory Holtman and Liz Wallace from CWU asked the umpire if they could carry Sara around the bases. Permission was given and the three young women made the circuit with Mallory and Liz lowering Sara so she could touch each base giving Sara credit for the home run. The three are shown in the picture with Sara on the left, Mallory in the center, and Liz on the right. This game was won by the Mariners with a box score of San Diego R-2, H-6, E-0 and Seattle R-4, H-9, E-0.

Pioneer Square Historic District - North of SAFECO is a 30-block area of restored historic buildings, mostly built after 1889.

International District - Northeast of SAFECO is an area of Asian tores and great restaurants.

Pike Place Market - a diverse marketplace that features fresh produce, seafood, arts and crafts, shops, and restaurants.

Alaska Way - Visit shops and restaurants along the waterfront.

Ferries to the Kitsap Peninsula - take a ferry ride across Puget Sound from Coleman Dock on the waterfront.