Today we met our baseball internet friend Meg Minard when she went with us to a Seattle Mariners game at SAFECO Field, built in 1999 and seating 47,116. Meg was been to many baseball parks, including Japan. On this trip she was visiting teams in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. See Links for her website. The Mariners were playing the San Diego Padres in an inter-league game. The Mariners won the shut-out 6 to 0. The box score was Padres R-0, H-6, E-1 and Mariners R-6, H-9, E-0. It was a great night for baseball. The teams were wearing 80's uniforms. Some of the staff, including the ball girl were wearing 80's clothing. Look at the other Mariners listing on the 2011 page for more about SAFECO Field.
Pioneer Square Historic District - North of SAFECO is a 30-block area of restored historic buildings, mostly built after 1889.

International District - Northeast of SAFECO is an area of Asian tores and great restaurants.

Pike Place Market - a diverse marketplace that features fresh produce, seafood, arts and crafts, shops, and restaurants.

Alaska Way - Visit shops and restaurants along the waterfront.

Ferries to the Kitsap Peninsula - take a ferry ride across Puget Sound from Coleman Dock on the waterfront.