January 1, 2019 the ballpark at the corner of Edgar Martinez Drive and Dave Neihaus Way becomes known as T-Mobile Park as part of a 25-year hometown partnership. The field was built in 1999 and seats 47,116. The Mariners were playing the Los Angeles Angels and lost 7 to 1. The box score was Angels R-7, H-11, E-0 and Mariners R-1, H-4, E-0. Field lines are RF-326', RC-381', CF-401', LC-378', and LF-331'. In the background of Row 2, Picture 2 is Lumin Field where the NFL Seahawks and MLS Sounders play. This is the third name change for that stadium. Row 3 Mariners Vision is the largest MLB video screen. Row 3 Picture 6 is the manual scoreboard and Picture 7 is the out-of-town scoreboard. Row 4, Pictures 2 & 3 show the umpires checking the starting pitchers for foreign substances as they leave the field. Pictures 4 & 5 show the American League team flages by standing in their individual divisions. Next are some changes to T-Mobile. Row 4, Picture 6 is Edgar's Cantina, named after Edgar Martinex. Next is Kid's Corner on Level 3 with baseball activities for kids. The next nine pictures were due to open in 2020. Row 5, Pictures 1 - 4 Rooftop Boardwalk is along the thirdbase line and is a raised walkway for people to see the area along the Seattle waterfront better. Picture 4 shows a ferry and two cruise ship terminals, one just beyond the ferry and one in the distance. Pictures 5 & 6 a new area on the 200 level first baseline. Each white section is divided in half and allows four fans per 1/2 section, fancy chairs in the first sections and bench seating in the ones farther down the line. Each 1/2 section has its own TV. Expensive. The Trident Deck next three pictures show the Trident Deck located at the end of the 3rd baseline. Outside the Home Plate entrance is a statue of Ken Griffey Jr. Just to the right is the new statute this year of Edgar Marinez.
Pioneer Square Historic District - North of SAFECO is a 30-block area of restored historic buildings, mostly built after 1889.

International District - Northeast of SAFECO is an area of Asian tores and great restaurants.

Pike Place Market - a diverse marketplace that features fresh produce, seafood, arts and crafts, shops, and restaurants.

Alaska Way - Visit shops and restaurants along the waterfront.

Ferries to the Kitsap Peninsula - take a ferry ride across Puget Sound from Coleman Dock on the waterfront.