The Toronto Blue Jays play at the Sky Dome. This stadium has the ability to be covered if the weather dictates by closing the roof area. It has been closed a lot earlier in the season because of the rainy weather this year. It was closed when we arrived, but as we were eating some really great hotdogs outside before going in they opened the dome. We were sitting on the first base side on the top level and in the top of the sixth inning watched some really dark clouds with lightning approaching from the west. They started to close the dome, but before it was 1/4 closed the skies opened and the Sky Dome experienced its fourth rain delay. Of course there was no large tarp, just small ones to cover the bases and the pitchers mound. Most of the outfield and all of the infield astroturf got drenched. The delay lasted for around 30 minutes. The field crew worked during the inning breaks to push the rain off of the warning track and out of the dugouts. There was a picture in the next morning paper showing the water cascading down the stairs of the Toronto dugout into the locker room. Everyone was taking napkins from the concession stands to wipe off their wet seats. The Blue Jays were playing the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox won in thirteen innings 4-3. The box score was White Sox R-4, H-12, E-0 and Blue Jays R-3, H-6, E-0. The Blue Jays scored one run in the bottom of the 13th, but couldn't get the tieing score across. There were two foul out bunts during the game. The field lines are RF & LF-100m/328', RC & LC-114.5m/375', and CF-121/9m/400'. Ace is the male mascot and Diamond is the female mascot. Two between inning video board activities are the Staples Delivery Truck Race and the Subway Sandwich under the baseball cap shell game. Attendance was 18,438 and since we were the only people sitting in our 300 level section on tickets purchased March 1st, we were asked to moved closer to home, so they could close the section. We thought the food offered in the concessions were limited. The best buy for hotdogs and sausages was outside the stadium at $2.50 hotdog and $3.50 various sausages each foot long and 1" thick. Parking in the Sky Dome garage is $20. 2008 New Logo. 2012 New Logo.
Bata Shoe Museum explores footwear in the social and cultural life of mankind from ancient time to the present.

Campbell House is the 1820s Georgian mansion built for Chief Justice of Upper Canada Sir William Campbell.

CN Tower is considered the tallest building and free-standing structure in the world at 1,815'.

Hockey Hall of Fame showcases the history of hockey.

Textile Museum of Canada recognized for its collection of historic and ethnographic textiles and related artifacts. Fee.

Toronto's First Post Office - first opened in 1833 is still operated as a postal and philatelic outlet. The museum centers on the British North American postal system and has a topographic model of Toronto in 1837. Free