The Diamondbacks play at Chase Field which was built in 1998 and seats 49,003. The Diamondbacks played the Atlanta Braves and Curt Schilling had a no decision as the Diamondbacks lost 4-3 in 13 innings. The game was tied through 12 and Atlanta's Andruw Jones hit a home run in the top of the 13th. Curt had 11 strikeouts during his pitching time as shown by the Circle Ks in the one picture. Many pictures did not turn out very well and I think it was caused by the bright lighting and a closed roof. I couldn't get any good pictures from the 100 level because I couldn't get close enough to the field. The couple shown with us in the picture are Marv and Elaine who are parents of an Oregon friend. I was glad that Marv got our tickets two weeks ago because it was a sell-out with the largest crowd in 2002 of 50,028. We sat in Row 35 just up from the edge of the infield grass. We had our own private row of 4 seats. Look at the right end of the air conditioning tube where it turns down and you might be able to see Andrea, Marv, and Elaine. There are up to 40 rows in parts of the 300 level. This is worse than it was in the Kingdome. There is a swimming pool down the right field line that can be rented for your group, see picture. We saw the World Series trophy in the lobby of the stadium. It is painted on the outside, see first picture. Baxter, the Wildcat, is the mascot. One of the food stands is titled "Taste the Majors". It has one special food item from each NL team field. It has three McDonald's in different areas of the ballpark. We would say this is the best food selection so far. The field lines are RF-335', CF-407', LF-330', and RC & LC vary from 376'-413' in both fields. The box score at the end of 13 innings was Braves R-4, H-10, E-0 and DBacks R-3, H-11, E-1. New logo.
Desert Botanical Garden - covers more than 145 acres and is devoted exclusively to arid land plants of the world, Fee.

Heard Museum - is a museum of native cultures, primarily Southwestern Native Americans - Fee.

South Mountain Park - contains 16,500 acres of peaks, canyons and strange roc formations as well as native flora of Arizona. A drive to the crest affords an excellent view of Phoenix.

The Apache Trail - east from Phoenix to Globe , north the Lake Roosevelt, and back to Phoenix via Apache Junction you circle the Superstition Mountain Wilderness and the area of the supposed Lost Dutchman Gold Mine.