The Florida Marlins were unable to play in their stadium for the inter-league series with the Seattle Mariners, because of a U-2 performance. So they came to SAFECO Field and played as the home team under National League rules. This is the first time this has happened. They did have to use the Visitor's dugout. The Marlins won the game 4-2 with the following box score: Marlins R-4, H-9, E-1 and Mariners R-2, H-6, E-0. Field lines are RF-327', RC-387', CF-4-5', LC-390', LF-331'. It was interesting for a Mariners fan to see the Mariners play in their gray road uniform. There is a series of new information boards in the area in front of the Club seating section above the field level seating. There is a teams' scoreboard and a manual scoreboard in left field. The mascot is the Moose. The roof is shown open and when open goes over the train tracks beyond right field. The Pen is a new feature beyond left field at field level with some excellent food items. SAFECO has the most varied and best food in the Major League in my opinion. The last picture shows the Seattle skyline at sunset. See Seattle Mariners in 2011 to view more pictures of SAFECO. 2012 new logo with new stadium in Miami.
Attractions for Seattle
Pioneer Square Historic District - North of SAFECO is a 30-block area of restored historic buildings, mostly built after 1889.

International District - Northeast of SAFECO is an area of Asian tores and great restaurants.

Pike Place Market - a diverse marketplace that features fresh produce, seafood, arts and crafts, shops, and restaurants.

Alaska Way - Visit shops and restaurants along the waterfront.

Ferries to the Kitsap Peninsula - take a ferry ride across Puget Sound from Coleman Dock on the waterfront.