The Houston Astros play at Minute Maid Park. It was formerly called Enron Park. This ballpark has a moving roof and windows that move on the left field side. The night we were there the roof was closed because of the humidity and possible storms. It is air conditioned when closed. There are only seats, no bleachers at all. The left field section is the Crawford Porch named after adjacent Crawford Street. There is a dining area just to the right of center field. Midway up in left field where the roof supports open is a railroad engine with a coal car filled with very large oranges. The engine runs down a short track when a Houston player hits a home run. Center field is unique in that at the farthest point a slope is behind the warning track. The American flag flagpole is located on the slope. The center fielder has to be careful when going for a ball in this area. The Astos were playing the Florida Marlins and lost 5-2. The box score was Marlins R-5, H-19, E-0, LO-8 and Astros R-2, H-6, E-0, LO-5. The field lines are RF-326', RC-323', CF-436', LC-362' in a corner, LF-326'. There are complaints that the LF line is too short. There are 25 rows on the third level. Junction Jack, a squirrel engineer, is the mascot. In right field is a listing of the market prices for Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Unleaded Gas, and Heating Oil. The 2004 All-Star Baseball game will be in Houston this year. 2013 Houston moves to American League West with new logo.
Space Center Houston is 25 mi. s.e. The official visitor center of NASA's Johnson Space Center tells the story of America's manned space flight program through historic artifacts, hands-on exhibits, live presentations and behind-the-scenes tours. A guided 90-minute tram tour stops at old Mission Control and the Space Shuttle training Facility. Great activities for children. Fee.