The New York Mets play in Shea Stadium which opened in April 1964 and is located next to the New York World's Fair site in Queens. Seating capacity is 57,393 with attendance for this game of 22,226. This is another one of those large baseball fields with amenities on the first and second levels, but not much on the top level. The concession items on the top level were minimal. If you go down to the next level you can find a bigger selection. Of course since this is a major league field prices are high for both the good seats and for any food items. Here, like Dodger Stadium, if you don't have a first level ticket you can't go there. I'm not sure what they are afraid of. I believe that 99% of people stay in the seats they purchase. Sooo, all my pictures are from the upper level. The Mets were playing the Marlins and were unsuccessful losing 8-4. The box score was Marlins R-8, H-13, E-0 and Mets R-4, H-8, E-2. The field lines are RF & LF-338' RC & LC-371', and CF-410'. Mr. Met is the mascot. The man with Jim is Ed, an orienteering acquaintance, who joined us for the game. You can get to Shea Stadium from Times Square on the #7 Subway. It takes about 30 minutes on the express train and 45 minutes if you take the local. New Stadium 2009.
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