The Philadelphia Phillies play in Veterans Stadium. Up to this year it was shared with the Philadelphia Eagles football team. In the fall of 2003 the Ravens will open in their new stadium and in the spring of 2004 the Phillies will open in their new stadium. We attended two games that the Phillies played against the Seattle Mariners. For the few Mariners' fans in attendance the games were great because the Mariners swept the Phillies. The 1st game we saw was really cold and misty. The game was delayed about 45 minutes. The mist continued to fall through the early innings. We were sitting in the upper level where there was no cover except in the top three rows under the suite area. We moved up there to stay dry, but the cold wind was blowing right at us. The Ms won 7-2. The box score was Ms R-7, H-14, E-0 and Phillies R-2, H-5, E-1. The attendance was 16,232. The Ms won the second game 5-4. They came from behind when Phillies pitcher Josa Mesa let two Ms get on base in the top of the ninth. Then with two out Mike Cameron hit a home run to give the Ms the lead. The box score was Ms R-5, H-8, E-0 and Phillies R-4, H-8, E-0. The weather for this game was much more enjoyable with temperatures in the low 70s at game time. Attendance tonight was 21,145. The field lines are RF-330', RC-371', CF-408', LC-371', and LF-330'. We met Phillies organist, Paul Richardson, who was playing in the lower concourse before the game. He has been playing for the Phillies since 1970. The Phillies Phanatic is one of the best mascots in baseball. They have put stars on the locations where homeruns have been hit to the 500 level. The big S one in the exit was by Willie Stargell in 1971, 601'. We moved from our seats again because we were surrounded by over 250 high school students. They were well behaved, just going up and down the steps and blocking our view of the game on a very regular basis. The first time you attend a game at Veterans Stadium you can get a certificate with the date on it. The Philadelphia fans are brutal to their own team players, booing when a player strikes out and other occasions. At the first game a man that we were talking with before the game told us of a great place to get Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches. So we went to Tony Luke's in South Philadelphia on Oregon Street right under I-95 for lunch. The stand is located adjacent to the sidewalk and there was a constant line of people waiting to get their food even at 1:30 in the afternoon. We had two different sandwiches and they were absolutely great. Go there if you go to Philadelphia. The first three pictures are the first game. All the other pictures were taken the second game. The two Ms players are Edgar Martinez and Joel Pinero.
Independence National Historical Park has many things to do and places to see, plan on most of the day.

B. Free Franklin Post Office and Museum -commemorates Franklin's 1775 appointment as first postmaster general.

Congress Hall - occupied by the U.S. Congress 1790-1800.

Independence Hall -where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. Timed tickets required.

Liberty Bell Pavilion -new building in July 2003 houses the Liberty Bell.